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Lakeview Community Church exists to glorify God and advance His kingdom. Jesus Christ's command is to preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations (Mark 16:15; Matthew 28:19). Therefore, we are "Dedicated unto the cause of inter-denominational and worldwide evangelism."* These words express our spirit and our focus.
Our call is to preach Jesus Christ, God's Son, as the Savior, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, Healer and coming King. Our assignment is to develop healthy, Individuals. Our commitment is to help plant churches around the world led by loving servants of Jesus Christ. Churches developed in this manner will reproduce again and again. This makes possible the spread of the gospel to those who have not heard or accepted the message of God's Son.

The strategy of The Foursquare Church is to follow the pattern of church development found in the New Testament. The Holy Spirit led the Early Church in this development. The pattern has four stages. It helps us understand where we are in the growth process and where we need to go. Each stage is different but connects closely with the others.
Stage 1: Pioneer
The church starts when workers bring the lost to Christ and plant local congregations. The goal is responsible disciples who evangelize and reproduce themselves. The church at Thessalonica in Greece started this way (Acts 17:1-9; 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10).
Stage 2: Establish
The church grows stronger when workers give practical Christian teaching and train leaders. The goal is responsible, reproducing leaders who serve their families and the local church. The church on the island of Crete matured this way (Titus 1-3).
Stage 3: Empower
The goal is responsible congregation that plant other churches. Together they become a national church movement to reach the entire country. The church at Ephesus in Turkey developed and multiplied this way (Acts 19-20).
Stage 4: Send
Our church reaches out to people of other cultures and languages. The goal is responsible national churches that send and support workers who serve other cultures and countries. In obedience to the Holy Spirit, the church at Antioch in Syria became such a church when they sent Paul and Barnabas (Acts 13:1-4).


Lakeview Community Church was planted for the purpose of teaching, equipping and empowering local believers to reach our world foe Jesus.